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Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLSP)

At Clarke Road School, educational programs are individualised through collaborative planning with parents to meet the needs of students with a range of ability levels.  Each student works towards achieving individual outcomes.  The Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLSPs) are designed to give students the opportunity to become as independent as possible with a focus on student achievement and high expectations for all students. Helping to develop a PLSP with school staff and supporting your child at home with their goals gives your child the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Other individual plans developed in consultation with families, and if applicable therapists, school counsellor and/or regional staff are:

  • Health Care Plans (HCP)- Designed to meet the medical needs of your child to ensure the safety of each student.  At Clarke Road all families are asked to fill out a medical form in case of an emergency and an ambulance is required.  This form is sent with your child in the ambulance.
  • Manual Handling Plans- Some students may also require manual handling plans to support specialised equipment, i.e. wheelchairs or walkers. 
  • Behaviour Support Plans- Some students may require individualised positive behaviour strategies to assist them to engage in their learning.

For more information read our PLSP information pack.