Clarke Road School

Opening New Worlds

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Engage, connect, belong

Students have a right to belong to a school of which they can be proud. At Clarke Road, there is a sense of pride and of belonging within the whole school community – students, parents and staff. This sense of belonging and the feeling of security that it fosters enables students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Your child is important!

Your child belongs!

Your child will have a sense of fitting in and will participate in a wide range of inclusive programs that are ‘just right’ for his or her learning needs.

Your school is connected with other pre-schools, early intervention services, local primary schools and high schools, post school services and work places, with non-government agencies, with local government, state government and federal government and your school is connected with a sense of being proudly Australian.

At Clarke Road School your child and your family will be able to engage, will be able to connect and will have a real sense of belonging to something that is more than just a school!