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Your child's learning journey

All students at Clarke Road School work towards educational outcomes and content consistent with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus documents.  For most students with special education needs, additional accommodations and adjustments are negotiated to meet student learning needs.  Most students with special education needs will meet curriculum requirements by participating fully in a broad array of learning experiences.  Clarke Road School implements the Australian Curriculum.  The range of learning activities offered to students aims to challenge their thinking, development and help them reach their full potential.  

Your child will have a Personalised Learning and Support Plan (PLSP) that sits within the Australian curriculum. You will be part of the team designing and reviewing your child’s learning plan. We will prioritise learning areas that are highly relevant for your child. 

Accommodations and adjustments are made to the Australian curriculum to meet the needs of your child.

At Clarke Road School assessment and reporting is on-going. We will work closely with you to ensure you are engaged in consultation and that you understand how your child is progressing.

We provide many additional support programs that foster educational improvements.  These include-

  • Functional communication programs are developed for students. All students are able to access visual communication systems.  
  • Community Access programs develop skills in travelling on public transport, social behaviour, shopping and participating in age appropriate leisure activities.
  • Vocational education programs are offered so that students gain employment experience in a variety of structured settings.

We are committed to quality education for all and value the partnership and cooperation between home and school.