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Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners (PBEL)

Our school expectations rules are easy to remember. They are taught and reinforced with students. These expectations are part of a school wide program called Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners (PBEL). It allows families and school staff to use a consistent, positive language with students. Some of its guiding principles are

  • Behaviour needs to be explicitly taught
  • Correct behaviour needs to be rewarded
  • Environments can be created to change behaviour.

Our four PBEL rules are easy to remember. They are be safe, be a friend, be a learner and be caring.  These rules are taught daily and rewarded frequently in our classrooms and in the playground. Below are the flags your children will recognise and you can use them at home too. Each flag has a simple key word sign.

We provide our families with a kit of PBEL resources to use in the home environment.

Students with complex learning needs may present with communication and behavioural needs that require specially designed supports. Our team will work with you to support positive planning and intervention.