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Module 1: Key lenses for observation of your student

Purpose: This module outlines the importance of making detailed observations to get to know our students. 

To get started: download and print the key lenses template before you watch Video 1.

The Key lenses template is designed to:

  • assist in making observations of students with complex needs
  • work as a team to interpret their behavioural responses
  • plan strategies to support students to get In the Zone for Learning.

Download and print: the tutorial slides to take notes while watching the video tutorial.

Watch: the video tutorial which introduces a student with complex learning needs named Ben (20 minutes).

Ben is a 9 year old student who is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, verbal and motor dyspraxia, speech and language delay and an intellectual disability.

Ben finds it difficult to be settled and calm in order to engage in learning activities.

Ben’s story is referred to throughout the modules to help us relate the information to our own students.

Download the observe/analyse process for more information about getting to know your students.


The information and tools contained in this website are only a GUIDE for educators.

It is recommended that parents and allied health professionals are consulted for formal assessment and intervention for individual students.