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Next time you visit Clarke Road School, see if you can find this poster: 

This is our Window of Certainty poster that drives much of what we do here at Clarke Road School. It is displayed in all our classrooms and is an integral part of the school. It was developed over a number of years in consultation with families, School Learning Support Officers and teachers.

The Window of Certainty has four key components/frames:

  1. Our shared vision or bigger purpose 
  2. Clearly defined outcomes 
  3. Shared values and
  4. Shared beliefs. 

This poster provides a visual context of the aligned purpose, values, beliefs and outcomes for the Clarke Road School community. It defines the quality work that staff do together as well as it provides clarity for parents, community members, teachers, support staff and school leaders about what is expected.  The window highlights the importance of collaborative endeavours and is a common point of reference that is used regularly in learning conversations in Professional Learning sessions, Professional Development Plans, meetings with parents and in our reflective practices within team meetings where we reflect upon our purpose and why we do what we do.

These four frames define the boundaries and directions within which the school community can work together in a collaborative, respectful and innovative manner. The Window of Certainty was developed by Judy Hatswell and Rob Stone, the creators and facilitators of the Art of Leadership course.

In 2018 and 2022, School Learning Support Officers and teachers collaborated and contributed to further defining each value and belief. These posters are displayed throughout the School and used regularly in conversations as a reflection of the learning culture, high standards and expectations that are upheld at Clarke Road School.

Take a look…