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Module 3: Sensory lens and ITZ checklist

Purpose: This module describes how sensory processing influences our student’s habits, behavioural responses and learning.

Some students may be over-responsive, sensitive to sensory input and appear to be distracted, agitated, impulsive or avoidant.

Some students may be under-responsive and appear to be slow to respond, lethargic, demotivated, sleepy or not notice sensory input.

Whether over-responsive or under-responsive; these students may require support and strategies to manage their challenges with sensory processing and be given opportunities to learn through their strongest sense.

To get started: download and print The Student Response Checklist.  This checklist is a free questionnaire designed to focus on our student’s processing of sensory information.

Watch: the video tutorials:

Part 1 describes how the brain processes sensory information for learning, moving and behaving appropriately (27 minutes).

Part 2 leads us through Ben’s story and takes a sensory lens on his behaviours of concern. We learn how to complete the ITZ checklist and interpret the results – 28 minutes

Module 3 tutorial slides (PDF 7.3MB)


The information and tools contained in this website are only a GUIDE for educators.

It is recommended that parents and allied health professionals are consulted for formal assessment and intervention for individual students.