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In the zone for learning (ITZ)

The latest literature and research maintain that an individual’s brain needs to be in an optimum state in order for learning to take place. When teaching and learning activities are delivered to a student who is in a non-optimal state, the result is typically increased anxiety, challenging behaviours, non-participation and/ or reduced engagement. Students have to be In the Zone in order for higher order thinking skills such as reading, writing, reasoning, decision making and impulse control to occur.

Clarke Road School has undertaken an action research project focusing on how to assist students to reach a state where they are in the zone for learning. The In the Zone for Learning website (website currently under redevelopment) was developed as a resource for teachers of children and young people by Clarke Road School in partnership with Therapy United Pty. Ltd. The website is a result of extensive collaboration with Clarke Road School teachers, allied health professionals in conjunction with parents, web developers, graphic designers and software developers.

The following is a list of key questions and understandings from this project. Teachers and School Learning Support Officers (SLSO, i.e. teacher’s aides) regularly develop, implement and evaluate students’ learning programs based on the following: