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Module 5: Strategy toolkit

Purpose: This module has many practical strategies to create calmer classrooms and help students to be ready for learning.

Some of our complex learners are driven by their sensory needs to move, touch, smell or seek out sound. Other students are sensitive to certain sensory input leading them to avoid certain activities or be fearful and defensive. These challenges can lead to behaviours of concern.

We need to work as a collaborative team with our student’s families and health professionals to figure out how to support them to experience the world and their own bodies more accurately and meaningfully.

The strategy toolkit focuses on sensory input that can be calming or alerting to get our students In the Zone for Learning.

It relates to the Student Response Checklist (Module 3), The Levels of Alertness Data Timeline (Module 2) and The Foundations for Learning framework (Module 4).

These strategies provide general suggestions on how to support students to manage their sensory processing challenges and develop tools for co-regulation (with help) or self-regulation (on their own).

Please consult the student’s occupational therapist for more specific advice.

Get started: Watch the video tutorials:

Part 1 – 45 minutes                            Part 2 – 54 minutes


Examples of strategies and regulatory tools



The information and tools contained in this website are only a GUIDE for educators.

It is recommended that parents and allied health professionals are consulted for formal assessment and intervention for individual students.